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Until April 2007 I was a PhD student in machine learning at the University of Cambridge's Computer Laboratory. I was a Commonwealth scholar and a member of Wolfson College. During 2008-9 I worked with a great group at Imense, mainly focussing on face recognition and image similarity search. I was a member of Microsoft's FUSE Labs, based at Microsoft Research Cambridge, in 2010-11. It was followed by four years with one the most amazing and fun machine learning teams one could possibly work with, the Xbox Recommendations team! A definite highlight: the XBox One launch :)

2015-16 saw a return to start-up land at VocalIQ, which was acquired by Apple. Now, I'm incredibly privileged to be on board the DeepMind ship.

What's new?

Reimagining Chess with AlphaZero was the Communications of the ACM's front page article in February 2022. The article by Wired gives a good overview!

A Data Readiness: Lessons from an Emergency report for the Royal Society's Data Evaluation and Learning for Viral Epidemics (DELVE) initiative.

Fun chess games and statistical analysis with Vladimir Kramnik in Assessing Game Balance with AlphaZero: Exploring Alternative Rule Sets in Chess (arXiv)

Machine Learning in Africa

I'm a co-founder of a crazy but wonderful movement to help strengthen machine learning in Africa, the Deep Learning Indaba.

I am honoured to also wear the hat of extraordinary professor of applied mathematics at the University of Stellenbosch. Would you like to do a really cool one-year Masters degree in machine learning and artificial intelligence? I'm helping to set up the Stellenbosch AI MSc degree, starting in January 2022!

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