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Until April 2007 I was a PhD student in machine learning at the University of Cambridge's Computer Laboratory. I was a Commonwealth scholar and a member of Wolfson College. During 2008-9 I worked with a great group at Imense, mainly focussing on face recognition and image similarity search. I was a member of Microsoft's FUSE Labs, based at Microsoft Research Cambridge, in 2010-11. It was followed by four years with one the most amazing and fun machine learning teams one could possibly work with, the Xbox Recommendations team! A definite highlight: the XBox One launch :)

2015-16 saw a return to start-up land at VocalIQ, which was acquired by Apple. Now, I'm incredibly privileged to be on board the DeepMind ship.

Machine Learning in Africa

I'm a co-founder of a crazy but wonderful movement to help strengthen machine learning in Africa, the Deep Learning Indaba.

Would you like to do a really cool one-year Masters degree in machine learning and artificial intelligence? Follow the Stellenbosch AI MSc degree, coming in January 2020! I am honoured to also wear the hat of extraordinary professor of applied mathematics at the University of Stellenbosch.

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